25 Outdoor Activities In & Around Baton Rouge

Now that Spring has officially sprung, we might as well enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it! Here are 25 outdoor activities in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. | Red Stick Life

Now that Spring has officially sprung and Summer is just around the corner, we might as well enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it! Here are 25 outdoor activities you and your family can do in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

In Baton Rouge:

  • Take a stroll through Arsenal Park and Old Arsenal Museum: See Arsenal Park and Old Arsenal Museum, which are on the grounds of the Capitol. The museum allows you to view exhibits on military history and the history of the Capitol grounds as well as the Battle of Baton Rouge.
  • Bring your furry friend to the BREC Dog Park on Harrell’s Ferry: Take your dog for a walk, jog the trail around the pond or practice your soccer skills on the adjacent fields.
  • Pop by the Red Stick Farmers Market: Support and give back to the Baton Rouge community by visiting the Red Stick Farmers Market. It’s an open-air market where local farmers and producers sell fruits, veggies and seasonal foods. You can taste samples, purchase food or walk around to see new things.
  • Explore Downtown Baton Rouge: Head downtown for dozens of date night or happy hour spots, check out many of the entertainment venues or head to the levee and soak up the sights! Helpful tip: On the first Sunday of every month many of the museums downtown are free – while not necessarily a fully “outdoor” activity, there are plenty to choose from and walking between each would easily fill your entire day.
  • Visit Louisiana State University and see the sights:
    • Tiger Stadium: Visit LSU’s outdoor stadium, home to the university’s football team. Also known as “Death Valley,” it holds a capacity of 102,321 spectators and is the ninth largest stadium in the world.
    • Alex Box Stadium: Check out the Alex Box Stadium, home of LSU’s baseball team. It got its name from Simeon Alexander Box, who was an outfielder LSU Tiger killed in WWII. The new stadium opened in 2009 and seats 10,326 spectators.
    • Mike the Tiger Habitat: Visit Mike the tiger in LSU’s multi-million-dollar facility. The university’s mascot enjoys life with a waterfall, pond and plants in his 15,000 square foot home, so go say hi!
    • Indian Mounds: Take your kids to Indiana Mounds on LSU’s campus. The two 20-foot mounds are famous for people sliding down on cardboard, rolling on their sides or enjoying the view from the top.
    • Louisiana State University Campus: Tour LSU and show your kids around different areas of the campus. You can walk them to several academic buildings and show them around sports facilities.
  • Check out the Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum: Learn about rural life in Louisiana during the 18th and 19th centuries. The LSU Rural Life Museum consists of 30 buildings full of artifacts, tours and exhibits. The history museum holds the largest collection of local Louisiana architecture and historical objects. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the Burden Museum & Gardens – there are plenty of gardens and trails to stroll through and keep you busy!
  • Visit Magnolia Mound Plantation: Observe the French Creole house which was first a cottage in Baton Rouge. The architectural style of the plantation displays the influence of the West Indies and early French settlers in Louisiana.
  • Walk around Louisiana State University Hilltop Arboretum: Discover Hilltop Arboretum, where you can view 14 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers, especially in the springtime. Look over a ravine or adventure through the tree canopies. Located on Highland Road, you can check out their many events throughout the year.
  • Hang out at North Sherwood Forest Community Park: Walk or bike around North Sherwood’s paths outside, go fishing on a hot summer day or take your kids to the indoor playground for loads of fun.
  • Jog around the University Lake: Walk around LSU’s University Lake, ride your bike or bring a picnic for the day. The distance around the lake is four miles, with the highest climb reaching 19 feet. You can pass the time by enjoying the views or spending the whole afternoon in a tranquil visit.
  • Visit any of the BREC Parks: Stroll around BREC parks, which are across East Baton Rouge Parish. You can even bring your children, as it’s a safe place for them to play and explore among playgrounds and splash pads. Most areas have free Wi-Fi, perfect if you have business to attend to.
  • Picnic at Greenwood Community Park: Spend your day at Greenwood Community Park, where you and the kids can run around the splash pads and play structures. The park, located in Baker, has an 18-acre lake for plenty of adventures.
  • Hike around the Blackwater Conservation Area: Take your children hiking or fishing at Blackwater’s two lakes. The conservation area has land set aside to protect wildlife and local habitats around Baton Rouge.
  • Head to the Main Library on Goodwood for a book and light snack and explore BREC’s Botanical Gardens in Independence Park: With over a mile and a half of walking trails this is the perfect place to observe the nature in the city. Located within Independence Park visit often and stroll through the Rose Garden, Crape Myrtle Garden, Sensory Garden, Camellia Garden, Butterfly Garden, Louisiana Iris Garden and the Daylily Garden.
  • Go Kayaking: Have a kayak? Head over to BREC’s Highland Road Community Park and near the baseball fields you’ll find a kayak launch! Kayak a straight 10 miles or plan your lengthly trip using the extensive waterway map here.
  • Go Paddle Boarding: Rent a paddle board from Muddy Water Paddle Company and either head out on your own or check out their events around town
  • Check out the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center is a 103-acre facility with over a mile of gravel paths and boardwalks is dedicated to conservation, education, recreation and tourism.
  • Go on a trail ride in Farr Park: BREC’s Farr Park Equestrian center is proud to offer guided trail rides on select Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy a one-hour gentle ride through the park or in the indoor arena on one of the BREC horses.

Outside of Baton Rouge:

  • Spend the day at Avery Island: Explore Avery Island, which is home to Jungle Gardens and TABASCO® tours. You can take a picnic to the island and walk around or choose to do a little more exploring.
  • Visit a local Strawberry or pumpkin patch: Visit a local Baton Rouge farm during the summer or fall to spend the day with your kids. They often offer fun activities for children, and you can explore the farm.
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  • Spend the day (or night) at Tickfaw State Park: Visitors can experience the sights and sounds of a cypress/tupelo swamp, a bottomland hardwood forest, a mixed pine/hardwood forest and the Tickfaw River.
  • Explore the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area: Also known as America’s Foreign Country, the area is a 150-mile region of rivers, swamps, prairies, marshes and coastline. Tour historic sites and museums to learn the history that unfolded here. Enjoy paddling, biking, birding and swamp tours.
  • Go hiking in Tunica Hills: Tunica Hills a large area of over 5,906 acres and offers an extraordinary refuge for outdoorsy folks who love hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and camping. The area has unique topography of rolling hills and a wide variety of animal inhabitants—some not found anywhere else in Louisiana.
  • Beat the heat and go tubing on a river: See where nearby
  • Go on a swamp tour: Whether by boat or kayak, you can count of a fun time! See local tours

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  1. Robert Hicks says:

    Baton Rouge is just boring especially for kids. It hasn’t changed in the past 25 years. Same old stuff. Talk about non excitement!
    Thumbs down to boredom.

    • Sorry you feel that way! As someone without kids, I don’t tend to include a ton of kid-centered activities as there are others that focus solely on that content (namely Baton Rouge Family Fun and Red Stick Mom), but it seems to me there is always plenty for those with children to do around town. Between several museums, gardens, a zoo, and one of the best library and park systems respectively in the country that all offer regular events and activities for children of all ages, I wouldn’t think that there would be shortage of things to do here. What types of activities would you like to see for those with children?

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